The Northside Radio Association Inc

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Without Assistance The Northside Radio Association Could Not Possibly Provide The Community With The Current Fleet Of UHF CB & Amateur Repeaters It Currently Possesses.

The NRA Would Like To Thank The Following Sponsors For Their Generous Support. 
(In No Particular Order)  

A VERY BIG Thank you to Stockland Residential for awarding us a 2014 $1000 Community Grant! 
We truly appreciate the support and look forward to using the grant to maintain our Repeaters.

A Huge Thank You To Direct Communications.
Direct Communications have supported The NRA in one form or another since its very inception. 
These days we class Direct Communications as one of our MAJOR Sponsors assisting us with Site 

co location of various NRA Repeaters, Discounted equipment prices, technical support & funding towards NRA Repeater Projects.

Without Direct Communications Support The NRA Could Simply Not Provide The Current Fleet Of UHF CB & Amateur Radio Repeaters.


A VERY BIG Thank you to RDC who help us out with co location at some of our repeater sites and have also recently contributed to our NRA funding. We truly appreciate RDC's support, it helps us out immensely with the maintaining of our NRA Repeaters.

Thankyou to Industry Surplus Australia who assist The NRA with Discounted Prices on Repeater Equipment.

Thankyou to Mobile Masters for providing us with discounted rates for PER08 site rental in the CBD and also for supporting PER05 The Perth Emergency Repeater located on Mobile Masters Martin Site.

Thankyou to Capital Radio who assist us with the PER01 & VK6RNA Repeater site in Wanneroo.

Thankyou to the Shire of Chittering for donating the Bindoon BIN02 Repeater Equipment to us.

If you would like to help us out and become a sponsor or can help us with grants etc please contact us.