The Northside Radio Association Inc

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CBRS Repeater PER01 Located 25Km North of Perth in Wanneroo was established in 1983 and it is believed to be the FIRST UHF CB Repeater in Western Australia If Not Australia. We hope to speak to some early members or owners of PER01 who can provide us with some formal history prior to 2003.

        The Northside Radio Association Inc was established in April 2003 when its founding members formed as a result of taking ownership of the Wanneroo CBRS Repeater PER01.

Prior to 2003 PER01 was owned and operated by the WACB Centre, Along With PER03 After ownership of WACB changed hands the new owners of WACB Sold PER03 to the tech who maintained both PER01 & PER03 for WACB.

        WACB did not have much to do with PER01 after this which it still owned and the maintainance of the repeater was handed over to the tech who also owned PER03. The tech did not maintain the repeater very well at all! For a long period of time the repeater was either inactive or purposely & spitefully altered not to function to its best ability.

        In April 2003, a frustrated member of the NRA approached the new owners of WACB & explained the situation & offered for our OWN techs to repair & maintain the repeater. The owners had no idea of the situation and to the members surprise offered to sell the repeater to him.

        NRA032 Purchased Repeater PER01 on the spot and the license was subsequently signed over to him in April 2003.

        Soon after this CB members from the Northern suburbs who prior to 2003 used simplex channel 23 and where an informal group known in CB circles as “The KZ’s” banded together and established 

The Northside Radio Association Inc.

        A Committee was formed, a meeting was held the group was officially incorporated, opened a bank account, web site was created & the new NRA tech’s re-tuned PER01.

       When the new NRA tech was tuning PER01 he discovered the prior tech to 2003 had turned the TX power of the repeater down to a ridiculous 500mw!!

       After consultation and introduction with the New owners of the PER01 site, PER01 Was taken back to the Wanneroo site, re-installed & switched back on & re-commissioned under The NRA in April 2003.